Monday, 27 May 2013

Lyme Park

We spent the day at Lyme Park yesterday. It's about 50 minutes from where we live, but we have never been before.

The sun was shining so we took a picnic with us. The first one this year!

It was lovely there. There was a children's play area with slightly unusual things for the children to climb on. Megan and Ben enjoyed that and had a great time on the slide which was a bit fast!

We had an ice cream and sat and enjoyed the sun. Ben was kicking his football around and Megan and Mr W went to join in too.

We fed the ducks, although they weren't too interested as I think they had been quite overfed!

Before we left we climbed up a big hill and took in the gorgeous view of the peak district.

A lovely family day, with the added bonus of the sunshine!

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