Sunday, 8 September 2013

365 Project Week 36

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

I am taking part in the 365 photo challenge for 2013, linking in with The Boy And Me.
You can join in here.

I will add pictures each week.

365 Project

Week 36

Day 244
Happy 4th Birthday Ben!
Ben had a little party with a couple of close friends at Ants play centre. He loved it, especially the laser quest!

Day 245
After picking our blackberries I made blackberry jam! It looks lovely, so I hope it tastes nice too!

Day 246
Grace was being very cheeky and climbed under the trampoline to sit in the unturned paddling pool and drink the dirty rain water! Lovely! She refused to come out, using her favourite phrase of "No, no, no!" so I ended up having to crawl in and drag her out!

Day 247
Megan's first day back in Year 4!

Day 248
Megan pushing baby Grace around!

Day 249
I went shopping with Laura and we were trying winter hats on Grace. This was her favourite!

Day 250
We found our first Autumn acorns on a walk this morning...Autumn is on its way...


  1. not seen acorns in years. love how the blogger in you takes a photo before getting her out the water