Saturday, 7 September 2013

Camping in Silloth

After arriving home from Barmouth on Monday afternoon, we had a quick stopover at home before setting off to the Solway coast with Laura, Darren, Jack, Grace and Darrens cousin Lee, Sara, Joe and Alex.
I was really pleased I had been ultra organised and already packed before we had gone to Barmouth, as I would of hated to have had to pack again!
When we arrived at the site I was really surprised that it was on the coast, I had thought we were further inland. We found three pitches and started to set up. Considering the others hadn't camped before they did a good job of putting up their tents.
As we were setting up, a huge old fashioned bomber plane flew right over our heads, really close! Laura said she had visions of 'Memphis Belle' going through her head and thought it was going to land on us! We later found out there is an unused air base just next to the camp site!
The kids were happy pottering around as they found a tree that was ideal for climbing, with a couple of tree swings to play on.
Megan did a great job of watching Grace as she was on a bit on a wander!
Once we had set up, we had a stroll around the site, checked out the pool and bar and walked across the road to a tiny strip of pebble beach, where the kids spent time trying to skim stones under the expert tuition of Darren and Martin!
We stopped off at the site playground, which was great as it had lots of climbing bits rather than the typical slide and swings.
Once we got back the BBQs were set up for tea.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as it had been, it was quite cloudy and cool but at least it didn't rain!
After tea, we headed over to the club house for a few drinks and the kids had a bit on a dance!
The following morning we decided to take the kids swimming which they really enjoyed as there were inflatables and swimming games...Darren won the dads race! After lunch we drove down the coast in search of a beach. It was a bit too cold for staying too long, but we had a wander a bit and collected a few shells. We then decided to go back to the town we were staying in as there was a small fair. The kids had a few rides and then we had a drink in a very nice posh hotel!
We had tea and went for a few drinks. This time, the lads were eager to play bingo, and Martin won so drinks all round!
The following morning another swim was requested by the kids and after lunch we went for a walk to the on site farm. That was lovely, and there was a miniature train that gave us a ride around the farm. We stopped at the playground again for another play, before heading out for tea.
We ended up at a lovely restaurant called Lakeside, where we had the most delicious tea. Even the kids chicken nuggets were home made! The restaurant was set next to a golf course and fishing lake and had great views.
We headed back and dropped Darren and Martin off so they could buy bingo cards! I think they will both be heading off every Friday night to bingo now!
Laura and I had a go tonight too, but Martin won again! We had a fairly late night as it was our last night and we had very tired kids. Ben flaked out in his buggy about 10pm, bless him.
The next morning we had to pack up and head home.
We had a lovely break and I think Laura and Darren *may* come camping with us for a couple of nights again at some point!


  1. What a successful camping holiday! It looks and sounds like you all had lots of fun and made some lovely family memories to look back on. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.