Thursday, 19 December 2013

Meeting Santa at Chill Factor e

Tuesday was a really busy day at work but I had something special to look forward to. We had been invited to the Chill Factor e to visit Santa in his grotto and have a play in the snow!
I went with Laura and Grace, and as I was coming back that way, we agreed to meet there.
When we arrived we went to the Santa desk and a lovely lady instructed us to go and get kitted up and come back round to visit Santa before our play in the snow.
We went into the changing rooms and were very quickly given our clothes and snow boots and got everyone ready.
We then wandered back round, pausing at the gorgeous Christmas tree for a photo opportunity!

All suited and booted and ready to meet Santa!

We queued for about 10 minutes to see Santa, which was no problem as the children were busy watching the skiers through the window or sitting at the small table that had been set up with Christmas pictures to colour and colours for the children.
When it was our turn to go in, we walked along the edge of the snow area which was decorated with lights, deer and penguins.
Santa greeted us in his grotto, which was set up like a living room, with Christmas tree, fireplace with stockings around and other lovely touches. Santa himself was probably one of the best I have seen. He was a jolly round man, in a velvet red suit and authentic looking beard!

Santa took lots of time to speak to the children, asking their names, ages and what they would like for Christmas. He asked whether they thought they had been kind to one another and helpful to others. He really interacted with the children and spent a lovely long time talking to them, asking what they would leave out for him on Christmas eve. We didn't feel rushed at all as we spent quite a while in the grotto with the big man. He gave them all a gift and an extra special monkey teddy for Grace. As we came out, he said we were the loveliest people he had seen, and whether he meant that or not, it made the children really happy!

Ho Ho Ho!
There was an opportunity to buy a picture in a number of different formats, that we had taken with santa too.
We left the grotto and headed out into the snow. The snow play area was set up with a small sliding area, a play house, slide, and lots of lovely snow!

The kids had a ball! Grace loved the play house and spent ages inside.
Megan and Ben had great fun sliding down the small ramp in the rings.


We then all had a snow fight which was very funny! They all had a go at making snow angels too!

Snow angels.

After about 40 minutes the children were cold enough for us to convince them to come out and get changed. They did this in record time, especially when we said they could open their present off Santa if they were quick!
I would definitely recommend you visit Santa here if you get a chance this festive season. You can check out the prices and choice of activities when you visit Santa and book online before you come as I am sure the next couple of weeks will be busy ones for Santa!

We visited the Chill Factor e free of charge for this review. All opinions are my own.

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