Monday, 9 December 2013

Shrek the Musical on DVD

Shrek is one of my favourite films, so I was very pleased when I was asked if I would like to review the DVD of Shrek the Musical.

Shrek is now an award winning Broadway show, which is based on the smash hit movie, which includes 17 new songs! Tickets are now on sale for the show in Manchester next December.

Right from the opening scene, it made me laugh.
It starts with Shrek as a small boy who is sent off into the big wide world by his parents. The song that accompanies this is very funny as his parents describe the wonders of the world, but state that they aren't for him! Poor Shrek!

All the usual characters are in the musical and they are transferred onto the stage very successfully.
Donkey is great, with lots more added humour that goes so well in the show. The dragon is very well done and very big! Ben watched the DVD with me and he was very taken with the dragon. There are a lot of little touches that help to make the play so successful.
Princess Fiona is a bigger than life character, who is a bit quirky. She is a perfect match for Shrek, and they are both played so well on stage.
The songs are fab. The ones we knew we were singing along to, and the new ones had us humming too!
The costumes throughout were just breathtaking. Obviously, as ogres, both Shrek and Fiona had exaggerated characteristics which made them very ogre like! This must of been really hard to achieve but looked brilliant !Fiona in particular amazed me, as she has to transform into an ogre and change back into a princess numerous times throughout the show. Not easy thing I am sure, but each time she looked spot on.
All of the other characters were played perfectly too. They looked very realistic and just like fairy tale characters!

We really enjoyed this film and Ben has already watched it again. It will be one that comes out time and time again in our house.

If you are a fan of the Shrek films, you definitely need to see this DVD.

We were sent Shrek the Musical on DVD.
 All opinions are our own.

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