Monday, 9 December 2013

Skate With Santa At Spinningfields Ice Rink

We were very lucky to be invited to go along and Skate with Santa at Spinningfields Ice Rink in Manchester.
This is available at different times in the run up to Christmas and is proving to be very popular so it is worth booking online.
You are requested to arrive before your skating time so you can get your skates on. When we arrived, we joined the queue that runs around the side of the ice rink so you can watch the ice being prepared and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Santa!

The whole skating rink experience is obviously well run. We were moved round and allocated skates quickly, and although the changing area is small there is just enough room as everyone is eager to get out onto the ice!
All around and on the ice there are 'stewards' ready to help and pick you up when you fall! After getting onto the ice with Ben, I realised that we were going to need help as he was struggling to stand up and I was worried he was going to pull me over too! I managed to have a word with one of the stewards and asked if they could find me one of the orange seals.

These seals are dotted all around and the idea is that you can sit young children on them and push them around the ice. Absolutely brilliant for us. Ben loved it and I had something to hang onto!
Ben also had a go at pushing it around which gave him the chance to skate without the worry of him falling over.

As well as the ingenious seals,  there were also the penguins, which were great for giving older children the confidence to skate, without worrying about falling over.
The big man himself, Santa, was on the ice throughout the session. He was skating around and waving to the children, stopping for pictures and to chat to the children. Megan and Ben didn't want to have a picture with him, but enjoyed waving everytime he passed by us. He wasn't the most authentic looking Santa, but to be honest it is probably quite hard to find an elderly gentleman, with a round tummy and white beard, who is good at ice skating too!
The skating session is about the right length of time, I think it was 45 minutes. Again, as you come off the ice the staff are very organised. Handing out shoes and collecting skates quickly and efficiently so you aren't hanging around.
The seals and penguins are collected in and the ice is prepared for the next session.
We had an amazing time. Megan and Ben really enjoyed it and have already asked if we can go again very soon!
If you get a chance, go and have a skate at spinningfields, it will definitely get you into the festive spirit!

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