Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Manchester Christmas Markets

On Saturday, DB had his first proper sleepover at nanas house.
He was very excited to be going and was looking forward to sleeping in the bed in the little room. (I thought he would of wanted to sleep in with nana, but apparently he doesn't like girls so wanted to sleep on his own!)
Anyway, he had a fabulous time and was a very good boy for nana and is already looking forward to staying again!
With DB staying out for the night we took the opportunity to take DM to the Christmas markets in Manchester. I haven't been for years, I think the last time was when DM was in a buggy and I swore I wouldn't go ever again with small children as it was far too stressful!
We went on the tram, which is always exciting, although it was so busy.
We had a great time wandering around and sampling biscuits, cake, cheeses and lots more. DM enjoyed a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, and we enjoyed a orange punch with a kick and a Glühwein. Just the thing to warm us up!
We had a late tea in Bella Pasta, and I loved spending some special time with DM on her own. We got home about 11pm and had a lie in till 9am the next morning! Bliss!


  1. I just love the Christmas markets, I live in Leeds & I think the whole outdoor experience of being all wrapped up & sampling food surrounded by Christmas lights really is an experience. :)