Saturday, 8 February 2014

365 Project Week 6

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

I am taking part in the 365 photo challenge for 2013, linking in with The Boy And Me.
You can join in here.

Week 6

Day 33
Like a lot of other bloggers these past weeks, I changed my profile picture on social media to support Jennie and her family during this incredibly sad time as we remember Baby Tilda.
Day 34
A chippy tea after getting back from the hospital and thankfully finding Ben HADN'T broken his hand.
Day 35
I was being nicely organised and made this on Wednesday for tea on Thursday as it was a busy day with work and Brownies.  Meatballs in a tomato and pepper sauce. Yummy!
Day 36
Quick picture at soft play.

Day 37
Ben was practicing his numbers and is doing so well. Clever sausage! 

Day 38
This was my view for 40 minutes as I was stuck in traffic on my way home from work.  Can you stop the Beetham Tower on the left??
Day 39
Letters and sounds practice today.  Ben is starting to sound out words and write them now.


  1. Meatballs is a staple in our house, we love them x

  2. What a wonderful idea in support for Matilda Mae. Good to hear that Ben's hand is okay as he's doing such a fine job with his letters and numbers.

  3. Ben is doing well with his numbers and letters. Glad his hand was okay, nice treat to have chippy supper after a hospital visit. :)