Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Go Age Junior at Delamere Forest

On Easter Monday we headed to Delamere Forest as we had been invited along to try out Go Ape Junior.
Go Ape Junior has just opened at Delamere this week and runs alongside the Go Ape Adventure that is already there. 

Go Ape Junior is suitable for over 6 years or 1 metre tall. Ben is only 4 and a half but is 115cm tall so he was able to join in. 
We were lucky enough to be given three free tickets so Mr W was able to have a go too.

When we arrived we were given our rules to read and understand and to carefully explain not to fiddle with the harness.
We then got harnesses on and they were all checked over for safety.
The people who were monitoring the experience explained that there were two parts to the course. Part one was easier so it is recommended that you have a go at this first before attempting part two if you want to. 

You are allocated an hours slot so during that time you can go on parts one or two as many times as you want. Each section ends with a zip wire. This took a while for Megan to pluck up the courage to do, but once she had she couldn't wait to go on it again! Ben, however was having none of the zip wire and no amount of  persuading would make him have a go! The staff were brilliant though. Someone just came up to bring in down the steps and did so each time he reached the zip wire (three times in total!)

Zip wire aside, Ben was a natural. Practically running through the trees! Mr W was slightly less eager and I could hear him saying "wait for me Ben" quite a bit! Megs was a bit more cautious and decided to stay on part one whereas Mr W and Ben ventured onto part two as well which was a bit trickier
The whole experience was brilliant and we would highly recommend you get booking your own Go Ape very soon.
Hold tight!
Making it look easy!
All ready?????
Well done Megs!

Monkey boy!
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Easy peasy Dad!

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  1. I have never tried it in this country but we did it as a family in France last year and just loved it. Well I say that now actually it terrified me at the time and the kids loved it, but not to be left behind by them I completed the course! Looks like yours had some cautious moments too, but that all adds to the thrill. I hope you get to have another go sometime. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  2. Everything looks so extreme.. extremely fun! I wish that we can do this too as a family cuz it looks like you had so much fun =) #countrykids