Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Gruffalo at The Lowry

Last week we headed to the Lowry theatre again, this time to see The Gruffalo. 
This is one of our must reads as it is just so well written. 
We were very excited to see the show and we weren't disappointed.
The show is acted out brilliantly with the mouse leading the story and all of the animal characters being brought to life by two male actors in the show.

The show follows the plot of the book closely, which is good for young children as they knew which animal was going to appear next! 
Each animal is given am extra dimension which enlarges the character. 
The owl was quite Sargent majorish and the snake was very flamboyant! 
All of this just added to the fun!
And when the gruffalo made his debut there were massive roars of approval as he matched his description perfectly.
I unfortunately couldn't take a picture of him but would certainly recommend you see this show if you are fans of the book.
You will not disappointed!
The Owl!
The mouse and the fox!

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