Friday, 18 October 2013

An Autumn stroll, a spot of geocaching and a sweetie shop!

Last Sunday we went to one of our favourite places for a walk. Lymm Dam. It is so lovely there, no matter what time of the year we go.
Ben had his flu injection first thing so we got organised, ready to go straight after. He was very brave, bless him and the chocolate biscuit he was offered after helped I'm sure!
As the queue was so long at the doctors, by the time we came out it was nearly lunchtime.
We got to Lymm Dam and the first thing we did was feed the ducks. Whilst we were down next to the Dam we found lots of conkers so my pockets got loaded up this them! We then wandered up the right side of the Dam. The autumn sunshine was peeping through the trees and casting beautiful shadows around us. On our way we found a bird carved into a tree and also spotted this face! We found a bench and had our picnic, well wrapped up as it was quite chilly.
Megan and Ben had a great time balancing on fallen logs and jumping through the leaves.
Mr W had checked for any geocaches before we left, and we couldn't get an exact location on one but the other appeared to be down a narrow tunnel, right on the waters edge. It looked very dark and wet, but Mr W had brought his head light so he went in whilst we waited outside! It was quite a way in, and apparently there were lots of spiders and webs and very wet! He found it though and signed the log book. We took a couple of pictures while he was in there, and you can just make out his light when he was down the tunnel!
After all that excitement we carried on round and headed up towards to top of the Dam.
There are some huge, sand stone rocks, natural formations, that the children had a play on and then were stained red from the rocks!
We strolled back to the car and drove into Lymm village to the sweetie shop!

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  1. Lovely happy photos of all the family and what a great distraction after having the jab. I can see you all had a brilliant adventure and had fun in natures playground. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.