Monday, 10 November 2014

Halloween at Legoland

Last weekend we visited The Legoland Discovery Centre at INTU Trafford Centre.
Anyone who knows us at Emma's Little World will know we are big fans and have been here loads. We are so lucky to have this attraction right on our doorstep and my children are at an age where they are Lego obsessed, Megan with Lego Friends and Ben, who has at the age of 5, discovered Lego, with anything Legoey at all!

The start of Legoland is an interactive tour of the Lego 'factory' where the Lego is made. A nice touch at the end of this is that all the children get a Lego brick to keep.

Over the Halloween break, there has been a visiting of ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and other such scary delights! Lego Miniland had been transformed into a spooky delight which delighted my two! They had the opportunity to take part in a mini quiz and locate certain spooky objects around the Lego exhibitions.
Aside from these creations, in the Master Builder area you could follow step by step instructions to make a pumpkin scene.

M and B went on the Lego cars and although the queue was long, it was moved along fairly quickly by the staff who all seemed competent in what they were doing.

Merlin's Apprentice ride is always a favourite and we went on twice. "The faster you pedal, the higher you fly."
Needless to say, we flew very high!!!

Legoland was very busy when we were there, but we were still able to onto and see everything we wanted to.

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