Friday, 28 November 2014

Santa At The Chill Factor E

I love Christmas!! It is my most favourite time of the year!! In fact, my mum said to M and B, "I think your mum loves Christmas even more than you do!!!" And do you know what, I think she is right!!
Saying that, now they are old enough that they can enjoy the excitement together, it is even more emjoyable than ever here.

We were very lucky to be invited along to the Chill Factor to have a play in the Snow Park and meet the big man himself! 
We went last Sunday and it was busy. However, the staff were very good at sorting out where people needed to queue and the queue for Santa had lots of elves, with colouring tables and fun activities so little ones were being kept entertained whilst waiting.
Luckily for us, we didn't have to queue as we had tickets for the Snow Park first. We headed into the changing area, where we very quickly got organised with clothes, helmets and boots. Although it was busy in here, we found two changing rooms easily and got changed before storing eveything in a locker, (£1 deposit that you get back.)

All ready to play!

We were taken through to the snow and the staff member explained that we had an hour in the Snow Park, where we could play in the snow, go on the doughnuts, sledging and luging!!! This was amazingly exciting and we rushed off to sledging straight away. Mr W, Megs and Ben went up first and while I was watching them I could see that nowhere was massively busy. The sledging was a huge hit and we had a great time sledging, (or falling off in Mr W's case!)

Ben sledging

Megan and Mr W sledging, or is that falling off??!!

We then tried out the doughnuts. Chill Factor has a longer faster doughnut run and a mini doughnut run for little ones. We went on the faster one first and it was quite fast! Ben seemed to enjoy it though and had lots of goes. We then went on the mini doughnuts which were great fun and just fast enough to give little ones a thrill!

Mini doughnuts

Faster Mum!!!!

After the excitement of doughnuts, Mr W was the only one brave enough to try out the luge. It looked a bit too fast for the rest of us, even though I saw lots of kids on it.
It did look really good fun and Mr W announced it was great fun!

Coming round the bend........
The luge

After all of the thrills here we had a bit of a snow ball fight in the snow, which was fun but gave us all cold hands, especially Ben, so we headed back inside to get changed, a few minutes before our hour slot ended.

Once we were ready we headed back towards the desk, where a friendly elf told us we could go straight around to visit Santa.
We headed into his grotto and came face to face with a truly realistic Santa, in his own little sitting room, with fireplace, stockings and presents. He spent just the right amount of time talking to Megan and Ben asking them if they had been good and what they wanted for Christmas.
They were extremely lucky to get a present each and Megan got a Jenga game and Ben a make your own dinosaurs and paint them set, which were lovely and very suitable.

Have you been good this year???

After all this excitement we left with a real Christmassy buzz around us!!!

We would certainly recommend a visit here as a Christmas treat, and there are so many options to please little ones and your older ones too.

The beautiful Christmas tree at Chill Factor

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